Remembrance Monday


World Premiere


Remembrance Monday will run its exclusive World Premiere at Seven Dials Playhouse, presented by M. Green Productions (Jeffrey Bernard is Unwell, Foxes, Death Drop) written by the critically acclaimed playwright Michael Batten (Self Tape) and directed by Alan Souza (Beauty and the Beast, Oliver!).

Julius and Connor, ideal husbands, have it all; the apartment, the careers, the bodies... all that’s missing is the cliché dog.

But when flickering moments and distorted memories trap Julius in the replay of a singular Monday night, reality bends, leading them both into the haunting grip of some terrifying truths.

Starring Nick Hayes (Groundhog Day, Legally Blonde, Hollyoaks) and Matthew Stathers (Hi-Lo Joe, The Bodyguard, Coronation Street) in this exclusive, thrilling, limited six-week run.

Remembrance Monday

By Michael Batten

Directed by Alan Souza

Presented by M. Green Productions in association with Seven Dials Playhouse.


Nick Hayes

Matthew Stathers


Seven Dials Playhouse