San Domino


World Premiere

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“Mussolini never killed people, just sent them to holiday camps” 

- Silvio Berlusconi

Based on the reality of Mussolini's persecution of homosexuals, this is the story of men sentenced to five years confinement for degeneracy.One night in 1939, Carlo, Claudio and friends are arrested in Catania.Condemned without any trial, they arrive on San Domino: a prison island solely for gay men.

For all the indignity and squalor of prison life, men previously forced to live in the shadows now have no need to hide who they are.But whatever kind of life they may be trying to build, in the background war is looming.

Actor-musicians conjure up an intimate tragi-comic world of love, loss and the struggle just to survive.


"San Domino works on many different levels and reinforces the fact that high quality original musical theatre is still being produced."

Jack the Lad Magazine

"One of the best moments of my theatrical life".

Beatrice Colbrant Blog


by Tim Anfilogoff & Alan Whittaker

directed by Matthew Gould

Presented by M. Green Productions & TKD Productions


Matthew Hendrickson

Alexander Hulme

Andrew Pepper

Ross McKenna

Roger Parkins

Mark Stewart

Joe Etherington

Christopher Laishley

Andrew Jardine

David Gibbons

Hannah Genesius

Grant Neal

Callum Hall


Tristan Bates Theatre